Why Black and White?

It’s been possible to shoot photographs in color for almost 100 years. Ever wonder why photographers still shoot photos in black and white? More importantly, why is black and white often seen as a more artistic realm than color photography?

Color photography is usually more realistic. It tends to represent a scene in a more documentary and precise fashion. Color also makes an image more complex; perhaps in a distracting way.

Black and white photography does not represent reality – it represents an interpretation of reality.

As a photographer, one can use this interpretive capability to one’s advantage. I can set a mood to convey an idea in a subtle fashion that is out of my reach in color.

Here’s an example of a black and white image I created to deliberately represent a specific idea. I doubt that the image will convey this idea directly to you at a conscious level. This photograph is more subtle than that. None the less, I believe the idea will be conveyed to you at some level.

That is why I believe this image is one of my most successful.

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