The Unexpected Hawaii

I suppose it’s natural when one thinks of Hawaii to think about tropical beaches, Hula dancers and perhaps tropical jungles. One thing I didn’t think about prior to going was the tops of the volcanoes.

When we arrived at the Haleakala Crater at 10000 feet above sea level, I was confronted with a completely unexpected landscape. At that altitude, it’s cold and windy–hardly tropical. The landscape isn’t the lush rain forests you find several thousand feet below but something more like the Mars rovers encounter.

I spent a lot of time shooting around the crater and I have a lot of photos I’m very pleased with. I’m only sharing this one on my blog but you should check out some of the others in my on-line portfolio here. The colors and ruggedness of the landscape is truly out of this world.

I also did a few as black and whites that you’ll have to see to believe.

Hopefully you’ll find one that speaks to you — if you do, feel free to order a print.

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