The Real Hawaii

After spending some time in Waikiki on Oahu, it was time for us to go looking for the real Hawaii. We found it on Maui.

Driving the road to Hana is certainly an experience. Not one for the faint-of-heart, though. The road to Hana winds through 40 miles of primeval coastal wilderness along the windward side of Maui. The road is narrow, often just a single lane in places, but there are occasional pull-outs where you can park and get off the road.

It was on one of these pullouts that we found (after a difficult climb and some boulder scrambling) this almost iconic waterfall and plung pool hidden in the forest.

For me, this was the real Hawaii — or at least one aspect of it.

If you like this image as much as I do, you can order a print from me here.

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