International Hoop Dance Contest at Heard Museum

The Phoenix Heard Museum is a great center of Native American culture. We are fortunate to have it here.

Every year the Heard hosts the International Hoop Dance Contest. It’s quite an experience to see if you ever have the opportunity.

This year was the first in many since I’ve been back to the Hoop Dance Contest and it’s the first year I took any serious photographs. This post has a slide show of some of the images I liked best from the more than 1000 photos I took (it was a long day). Hope they give you a little taste of what the Hoop Dance Contest is like.

Not having been back for about a decade, I did notice that there have been some changes. I noticed there were a lot more women contestants. In fact, I don’t remember any female contestants in past years but maybe my memory is faulty. Even if women danced in the contest in the past, surely the current crop of contestants are very skilled by comparison.

I think there are a lot more child contestants now as well. I also think that the kids are much more serious about it than in the past. I think the fact that so many youngsters are starting to study hoop dance from a young age is increasing the general skill level of the contestants as a whole.

In any event, I don’t think I’ll wait another decade to go back. Maybe next year with a bigger memory card for my camera.

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