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Minimalist Design

In my primary occupation as an Engineer, I admire machines that are designed for a specific task with the simplest possible implementation.
Some machines, when they are well designed are beautiful. Nature seems to reward good design with beauty. Bad designs not only don’t work well but they are also often not pleasing to the senses. Good designs are not only functional but often rise to the level of art.

This image represents this concept. This Ford deuce coupe is a classic design for the simple reason that its design is driven almost completely by its purpose.

My treatment of the photograph is intended to reflect this simplicity of design.

For example, the image was shot at a busy car show in Scottsdale, Arizona. This meant that the surroundings of the car were going to be chaotic and crowded. A simple documentary photograph of the car would have been junky. The car would have been lost in the jumble of the background.

So I took the photograph with in-camera settings to cause the background to fall out of focus while the car is maintained in tack-sharp focus. This draws the eye to the car and away from the distracting background.

I enhanced this effect when I processed the photograph by selectively desaturating the colors in the background and surroundings of the car. Again, the eye is drawn to the car and away from the background because the eye is drawn to color.

These techniques turn a documentary-style photograph into an art piece by adhering close to the purpose of the photograph just like the car’s design adheres close to it’s purpose.

If you’d like to hang this photograph in your home or office you can order a print by clicking here.