Like many, I’ve had a life-long fascination with photographs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to pursue it. The cost in money and time required to take photos while having the ability to develop and print them with film put the art of making images beyond my reach.

When digital technology came to photography, things changed. I began experimenting with early digital cameras and for the first time began taking photographs that weren’t just mere snapshots. I began to see what was possible.

However, photography is an expensive hobby, even in the digital age. My horizons were limited.

After a while, I heard about on-line stock photography agencies. If accepted, your images go into an on-line database. If someone then chooses to download one for an advertisement, news article, or what have you, you earn a small royalty.

I uploaded a few images just to see what would happen. For a year or so, nothing much did happen. I probably earned about ten dollars that year.

Then one day, I uploaded a new image that just took off. In just a few months It earned more than a hundred dollars. I was hooked.

Fast forward to today and I have my own little photography studio and the equipment I need to continue to learn about every aspect of photography. The income from the stock photos pays for most of it (but not for much else — I’m not giving up the day job any time soon).

Now I find myself branching out. I’m more interested in fine art and less in commercial styles and themes. However, I still want to make sure that my photography continues to pay for itself. I want my artwork to lay the foundation of a successful business.

So this web site is largely about my journey to becoming a better artist while finding ways to make money from the art. I hope you’ll follow along.

Follow along as I take photos and find ways to make them pay.

"The business of the art and the art of the business"

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